Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems

In the present world scenario of ever increasing Electricity and Fuel prices, process industries are compelled to adopt energy conservation measures to minimize the operating costs and improve upon the business profits. Energy costs are usually seen in aggregated form at the end of the month. Yet, energy is a major component of production cost in any process plant.Determining real-time utilities consumption is at the heart of conservation and cost savings. Accurate information provides the means and incentive for the operating division to reduce utility costs. Anticipating and responding to power fluctuations can be key to survival for power-hungry companies.

Steam systems represent a large expense for process plants. Loss of enthalpy due to change in equipment performance, network complexities and poor metering makes it difficult to account for the production and use of steam.

The monitoring of power distribution systems in process plants are usually even more neglected than steam systems. Plant Managers are often unable to realize how the total incoming power is distributed between the different areas of the plant and unable to assign specific costs to individual process units. Power quality monitoring is must to monitor and analyse the causes that damage equipment.

The Solution……

AUGUST9 Systems has the knowledge and state of the art tools to meet your needs in the areas of Steam, Power, and Compressed Air management.

  • • Monitoring, Optimization, Auditing and Accounting of Steam, Power & Compressed Air.
  • • Modelling of the total energy network in the plant for validation and optimization.
  • • Identify the major consumers of power and reduce peak demand, control power usage and negotiate better utility rates.
  • • Logging detailed power information such as harmonics, surges and sags to help reduce maintenance costs and avoid equipment damage
  • • Monitoring trips and view logs of timings and all related information at the time of occurrence.
  • • Generating reports on cost analysis, load shifting, maintenance, power quality and sub-billing.
  • • Viewing logs on all occurrences including alarms and acknowledgements.
  • • Process improvements for efficient energy usage.
  • Benefits

    Savings in million a year can be achieved through optimization and elimination of steam wastage. Additional benefits can be achieved through efficient energy mass balancing of the steam network. Identifying and reducing unaccounted steam might save the need to invest in expensive new utility equipment.

    Intelligent electrical monitoring systems can provide plant electrical information over the LAN, Intranet and Internet. In addition, remote device control and configuration is possible over LANs, intranets and the internet. Our software allows dynamic data exchange, multi-level system security and multiple account configurations.